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Company presentation

In 2010, two young guys founded Vietri With Love, a company for the production of turned and hand-decorated objects, tableware, coated-ceramic lava stone tables and hand-decorated artistic tiles.

The design is part of the Campania Amalficoast tradition without neglecting the taste and trends of other countries, enriching the production with new decorations and new shapes, making the finished product personalized and unique.

Vietri With Love wants to offer a product of rare quality that brings together an extraordinary additional value:

the typical artisan identity combined with an historical-cultural recovery operation that makes each object an authentic piece of furniture, exclusive, exclusive enrichment of its spaces.

Thus, an entrepreneurial reality was born that has chosen to enhance the art of hand-decorated ceramics and the originality of shapes, creating a new and articulated range of products that dusts off all the traditional Vietrese decorations, without neglecting innovation in a modern key.

The peculiarity of the handmade products allows you to make changes in color and decorations, giving life to the subjective personalization of each individual product.

To do this, the company places our graphics department at your disposal in order to make changes for customization.



Vietri With Love by: DR Solutions Srl

P. IVA 10379741217


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